So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! Getting staff resignations right

January 27 2014

It’s said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. For business owners, the list also includes resignations. Like death and taxes, resignations never occur at a convenient time, but you should ensure that you are prepared for the inevitable by turning your mind to the following three matters.

  • The finer details: Check your employee’s employment agreement to confirm the manner in which the resignation is to be notified (ie: in writing or verbally), notice periods and whether there are restraint provisions preventing your employee from such things as working for a competing company.
  • Communication: Consider how and when your employee’s resignation will be notified to colleagues, customers or other stakeholders who engage with your employee on a regular basis.
  • Tools and equipment: Along with the return of any tangible items such as keys, fobs, phone, laptop or iPad, you should ensure any access your employee has to company bank accounts, social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) or your website is discontinued. Also, you’ll need to think about how you wish to manage your employee’s social media connections that they’ve obtained and used whilst working for you.

The points above can be included in an exit policy so that it’s clear from the outset how matters will be dealt with at the time the employment relationship comes to an end.

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