Sharemilking Agreements - Variable Order

December 08 2011

Federated Farmers has now released an updated Variable Order Sharemilking Agreement. This follows the Sharemilking Agreements Order 2011.

The new Agreement updates a number of clauses from the former Variable Order Sharemilking Agreement including (amongst other things):

  • Increasing the minimum percentage of income derived from milk supplied to 22% from 21% for those with herds of not more than 300 cows and who agree not to share in the dividend related payment adjustment
  • Amendment to the Dispute Resolution (conciliation and arbitration clauses), and
  • Making provision for the fencing of farm home sections and safe places for children if they are to be at the cow shed while their parents milk.

Of critical importance is the completion of the farm specific details in the Agreement. It’s important both parties work through the Agreement together and complete the required details.

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