New Zealand company business numbers

January 27 2014

All companies currently registered in New Zealand have now been assigned a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).

A NZBN is a unique 13 digit identifier allocated to an individual business as part of the government’s Better Public Services programme, which is working towards easier interaction between the government and businesses. It’s intended for NZBNs to be assigned to every business in New Zealand and for a single searchable public register of businesses to be created. The NZBN will become the main identifier for businesses when dealing with government agencies and will, hopefully, decrease paperwork by allowing businesses to update their details in one place (and then automatically in others). At present there are eight agencies committed to the use of NZBNs including Inland Revenue and ACC.

NZBNs have first been assigned to companies registered at the Companies Office. Existing companies can find out their NZBN by searching the Companies Office website. All new companies registered will also be allocated an NZBN and work is underway to allocate NZBNs to other business structures such as sole traders.

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