Minimum wage order change

August 15 2014

The minimum wage order has been changed to include a fortnightly minimum wage rate; it became effective on 26 June 2014. This change affects salaried employees on fortnightly rosters.

As we head into busy times on the farm with calving and lambing, it’s essential that you ensure your employees are paid at least the minimum wage of $14.25 for every hour worked.

It may be helpful for you to perform a calculation whereby you divide your employees’ weekly or fortnightly gross salary by $14.25 so you have a guide as to the number of hours each of your employees may work in each week or fortnight before falling below the minimum wage rate. Any hours worked over the calculated hours will need to be paid to your employee as a top up of at least the minimum wage of $14.25 per hour.

Remember there is no ability to ‘seasonally average’ your employees’ hours. This means if your employees have worked reduced hours during the winter these cannnot be offset against the increased hours working during spring. You cannot avoid having to top up the wage/salary.

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