I wish to register a complaint: pre-purchase inspections

May 18 2018

Remember the famous Monty Python sketch where John Cleese purchases a parrot which isn’t in the condition he expected? All too often, the same happens when buying property. This is why a pre-purchase inspection is vital. Here’s what you can and can’t object to during your inspection.

Just before settlement, organise a pre-purchase inspection. The sale and purchase agreement gives you the right to inspect the property one last time. If you have any issues, you can raise them with your real estate agent or your property lawyer.

The pre-purchase inspection limits you to checking to see if the property and any chattels you’ve purchased are in the same condition as when you signed the agreement. It isn’t the time to negotiate a price reduction or to raise new issues you may discover.

We understand that this is frustrating and confusing, especially if you overlooked something missing or broken when you signed the contract. We know there is a lot to think about when buying a property, but the best way to manage the pre-purchase inspection is to be diligent and follow a process.

Before you sign the contract you should note the condition of the house, land and any chattels. Take photographs. Check the lights, taps and fixed chattels like the oven, air conditioning and hot water cylinder. Make sure the garage doors open and close as they should. If you see any damage, let us know before you sign the agreement. A repair request can be included in the agreement to protect your interests. After all, nobody wants to buy a dead parrot.

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