Contact us early on in the subdivision process, not right at the end

October 29 2015

As you will know lawyers and legal executives are involved in many stages of the subdivision process as it grows from an idea in a developer’s mind through to the new titles being issued.

We thought it is timely to remind you all that it will, in the end, save you time, energy and money if you consult us in the first stages, rather than waiting until the survey plan is approved and lodged at LINZ.

We add value for you by:

  • Involving both the surveyor and LINZ in the process of subdividing the land or building
  • Analysing key documentation to identify any potential problems
  • Identifying key timeframes and the implications for all parties, and
  • Drafting the required documents to ensure the new titles can be issued and that they meet your needs along with the requirements of the territorial authority’s resource consent.

The team approach works best – you, us and the surveyor. If you are thinking about a subdivision, remember to contact us right at the start.

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